'Neeki Lagat Mohe Apne Piya Ki' by Fariduddin Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

'Neeki Lagat Mohe Apne Piya Ki' by Fariduddin Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

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Duration: 10:43

Date: March 13, 2017

नीकी लगत मोहे अपने पिया की
आँख रसीली, जादू भरी

I delight in being struck
by my lover's gaze -
juicy eyes
casting spells

A simple poem of just a few short lines becomes a languorous and deeply layered exposition in this qawwali, as Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammed pour emotion, gesture, expression and sensuous delight into each repeated line. It is evident that they taste the 'ras' (juice!), and savour the flavour of the words as they sing them, bringing home the taste of an ‘experience’ to listeners in a way that a printed poem in a book perhaps never could.

One of our browsers, Mashhood Anwar Alavi, informs us that this ghazal was composed by Hazrat Maulana Shah Turab Ali Qalandar Kakorwi (1858). It can be found in his book "Amrit-Ras" which was compiled and translated by Hazrat Shah Taqi Anwar Alavi.

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Fariduddin Ayaz and Abu Muhammad are acclaimed qawwals from Karachi, Pakistan and belong to the 700-year-old 'Qawwal Bachchon Ka Gharana' of Delhi. Their main guru has been their father, the legendary qawwal Munshi Raziuddin Ahmed Khan. They sing in Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto, Hindi, Poorbi, Persian, Arabic and Turkish, intermingling with aplomb the voice of Kabir with a range of Sufi poets including Jalaluddin Rumi, Sachal Sarmast, Zaheen Shah and others. Contact them at: +92-300-2105393, [email protected]

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Song Credits:
Lead Vocals & Harmonium: Fariduddin Ayaz & Abu Muhammad
Chorus & Clapping: Ghulam Akram, Ali Akbar, Gayoor Ahmed,
Moiz-uddin, Mubark Haris, Zarrar Ahmed, Shah Laeegh-uddin, Shehzad Hussain
Dholak: Muhammad Ashfa, Muhammad Nawab Kallan

Translation: Homayra Ziad

Video Credits:
Camera: Shabnam Virmani
Editing: Sharanya Gautam
Sound Recording: P M Satheesh
Location Sound Assistant: Irfan Khan
Sound Mixing: Shajit Koyeri & P M Satheesh
Sound Mastering: Sreejesh G Nair
Music Editor: Amrit Pritam
Post production Studio Supervisor: Vimal Kumar TK
Mixing & Mastering at: Fireflys Post Sound, Mumbai
Sub-Titling: Nandini Nayar & Shabnam Virmani
Collection: The Kabir Project

Place: Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India
Date of Recording: November, 2006