Prahlad Singh Tipanya Sings Kabir (Part 1)

Prahlad Singh Tipanya Sings Kabir (Part 1)

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Duration: 57:29

Date: May 31, 2013

As part of its festival celebrating the living tradition of song and performance dedicated to the poet Kabir, UT's Hindi Urdu Flagship hosted a live musical performance by an acclaimed traditional Kabir folk ensemble led by Prahlad Singh Tipanya.
Tipanya sings and plays the tambura, a five-stringed plucked and strummed instrument originally from Rajasthan, and kartal a wood and metal instrument consisting of two pieces struck together to make a tambourine-like sound, played with the fingers of the left hand. His younger son, Vijay Tipanya, sings with him and plays manjira (small cymbals); his older son, Ajay Tipanya, plays dholak (two-headed drum); his brother, Ambaram Tipanya, plays manjira, kartal and sometimes harmonium; Devnarayan Sarolia plays violin.
This is the first half of the performance. The second half is available at