Kannala Kannala (Thani Oruvan) - Cover By Inno Genga

Kannala Kannala (Thani Oruvan) - Cover By Inno Genga

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Duration: 3:34

Date: September 15, 2015

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I hope you enjoy this cover! As soon as I heard this track, I knew I had to make a cover of it! I made the instrumental and the english lyrics too (CHECK THEM OUT BELOW.)

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Oru Kadhal Thuli rum bodhu
Sirukanner Thuligal Yaeno
Kannaliyae .. En
Kannal Unna
Kaidhakida Naan Ninachaenae
Kaneerulae Oru Mai Polavae
Unnodu Sera Thudichaenae
Manasula Poongathu
Nee Paakum Dhisaiyil Veesum Bodhu
Namakkunu Oru Desam
Adhil Iruvarum Sernthu Onna VazhvOM

Kannale Kannale
En Mela En Mela
Theeya Yerunjiputa
Solladhae Sollaala
Ullnejil Yeno
Kalavaram Purinjiputta

Im starting to feel, something thats kind of dangerous
but you know the deal, baby i can tell you’re curious
girl you know that I’m just tryna act cool, but when you’re around, i lose my mind
got my acting foolish, never wanna lose this, gonna make you smile all day and night
what we have is amazing, you’ve got me hooked up on your love
all the stars that we’re chasing, lets make this happen, I’ve had enough

When I’m with you, girl my feelings are true and i just really wanna know
What’s it gonna take for you to be my bae, name the place and baby we can go
Started as friends but now we’re pretending, girl I really want more
Say whats your mind, i can see it in your eyes, we don’t need to take it slow

Jannal Oram
Thendral Katru Veesum Bodhilae
Kangal Rendum Kadhal Odu
Paesum Bodhilae
Iyarkaiadhu Viyandhudumae
Un Azhagil Dhinam Dhinamae
Mazha Varumae Mazha Varumae
En Manadhukul Puyal Varumae