Aray Logo Tumhara Kiya (Abida Parveen)

Aray Logo Tumhara Kiya (Abida Parveen)

Uploader: Culture, Tourism & Antiquities Department, Sindh

Size: 30.01 MB

Duration: 21:51

Date: December 09, 2016

#AbidaParveen #ArayLogo #SufiSong
Best performance of Abida Parveen. Aray logo tumhara kiya, men janoon mera Khuda jane.
Department of Culture, Tourism & Antiquities, Government of Sindh has aimed to promote Sindh’s heritage, culture & Sindhi music around the globe. This video is series of preserving, promoting and online public accessing. Where whole world can listen and watch the departmental activities. We are looking forward to your feedback.
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